Tuesday, July 30, 2013

She's Got High Hopes!

Tomorrow the students come. I always get excited and can NEVER fall asleep easily! I put myself to bed with hopes and dreams for the year ahead. I have high hopes for tomorrow!

Here is what I will need:
  • My Fancy Nancy dress
  • My pretty pink boa
  • My dolly Monica
  • My box of cereal
  • My snack
  • My take home folder
  • My superpowers cape
My poor coworker (pray for her now) is being subjected to my first day of first grade jitters just like the first graders might have, since this is my very first year in first grade core classes since beginning my journey in 1994. 

I packed a gigantic fluffy heart because I love people.
(Yes Ms. Horst, we want to show compassion to one another this year!)

I have my box of cereal to eat at school in homeroom.
(No Ms. Horst, please eat a good breakfast at home or make sure you come early enough to eat a great breakfast in the cafeteria!)

I have my very healthy snack ready to go!
(Yes Ms. Horst, please bring with  you a healthy snack each day!)

I have picked out the very best dress with my pink boa.
(No Ms. Horst, you don't need to come in your fancy clothes to school because we do have recess you know!)

I have my take home folder.
(Yes Ms. Horst, you will want to use the take home folder as one of the systems of communication between your parents and the school.)

I have packed my very special dolly I got when I was five and she has been with me since then, Monica.
(No Ms. Horst, remember to leave your toys at home. We have great classroom activities and games here. Your special things will be waiting for you when you get home.)

I packed my golden ruler. It is going to measure things!
(Well Ms Horst, that reminds me of the golden rule which is to treat others like you would like to be treated.)

Finally, I have my superpowers cape. I don't know everything and I don't pretend to but my super power is learning, so I'll be okay! 
(Yes Ms. Horst, we are all here to learn amazing things together this year!)

I am pledging to be a purple cow in a field of brown cows and I am glad that my coworkers, both who have read Teach Like A Pirate, are coming along with me for the adventure! 

"This is life we've been given made to be lived out, so la la la, live outloud!"  SCC--Live Outloud

Yeah, its pretty much going to be the best year EVER!