Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset: Change how you think!

Mindset is important! It will change everything. YOU are not a have "epic fails" but that doesn't mean you a failure. You are not chained to your past, to your capabilities nor to labels. The key is to realize that you have the ability to grow by changing how you think.Failures...lead to great success!!! People with a growth mindset, set their sights on learning. It is important to make your feedback growth process related. Because you lose, does that make you a loser? No. It doesn't. 

1) Recognize that the growth mindset is supported by science.
2) Learn about to develop your abilities.
3) Listen to your fixed mindset voice..and when you hear it, add at the end...the word YET. I can't do it yet..but soon! 

Failure as a Tool - Vinod Khosla