Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wonderwall Wednesday October 2, 2013

In our Wonderwall Wednesday today we talked about two great questions and what was lovely about them both is that you can kinda count both, at least reach a reasonable determination based on data collecting. For the first question which was: How many doors does our school have, the students realized that they themselves could count that. 

BUT...there were some issues. We are a school within a school. We are the year round school inside the traditional school. Do we count the doors from the other wing? We counted lockers...however, when we did that, the traditional students were not yet back. The students voted to only count the doors in the School For All Seasons. This lead us to another problem to solve. Do we count doors that lead to the outside..the metal doors and the glass doors? Again, a vote was taken and the answer was no. Finally almost ready to roll, we debated about if we should count the doors that lead to the library. No. The students decided not to count that...however, we would count the door that lead to the computer lab as it is in our hallway.

We took guesses and then we counted. We learned that the kinder rooms have two doors..(they get a bathroom) We counted doors that go to closets and mechanical rooms as well as classroom doors and the wood door that leads to the exit that opens up outside. Now, that we counted because on the other side of the wood door, is a metal door. That one we don't count. 

I helped the students figure out how far off they were from the answer we got from our data and then the students helped me put the names in order of who was the who was the farthest away. 

Our next wonder was not as easy. It was, I wonder how many people there are on Earth. That is a big number for first graders..but we are getting better at our big numbers. So...we talked. We took few minutes to think back about all the really big numbers we talked about. How far away space is, the size of all the planets...and so on. Then they were ready for some big numbers.   We are learning to put the comma in the right place..and say the number together. The big number. The really big number! 7.046 Billion is a lot of people. How do they count that? Well, one way is that a census is done. It is filled out by families. We write down how many people are in our homes and send it in. So if you look carefully, we took a census. 

It was a great day to wonder in Minnesota...and I can't believe we only have two more Wonderwall Wednesdays to go before our fall break!!!! Oh my!