Thursday, January 9, 2014

#edcampfirstgrade HERE WE COME

It is the night before what I am calling #edcampfirstgrade. If you have ever been to an #edcamp before, you will know that this requires a bit of pre planning as well as a bit of open ended learning.

Here is my pre planning!

I NEED HELP!!!! Oh, my gosh! How I need help!  So Here was my letter to the parents.

January 10, 2014 #edcampfirstgrade

9:00 AM-12 Noon

9:00-9:10 Opening
9:10-9:30 Session One
9:30-9:50 Session Two
9:50-10:20 Session Three
10:20-10:30 Sharing what we learned
10:30-11:00 Recess

10:30-11:00 #parentcamp
We will have guest speakers come and talk to all of us about digital citizenship as well as online safety for your child.

11:05-11:35 Lunch with your child
11:40-12:00 Calendar Time

What is an #edcamp anyways? An edcamp is a time to gather learners together for an organic self directed learning opportunity.  It is a “Do It Yourself” learning opportunity. Built on principles of connected and participatory learning, Edcamp strives to bring learners together to talk about the things that matter most to them: their interests, passions, and questions. In first grade we like to phrase our questions with, “I wonder…..”

We are asking for you as parents, or if you can’t come, invite grandparents or uncles and aunts to come and celebrate learning with the children in our First Grade. They will drive their own learning that day but we need you to help them. You may join your child in their learning adventure or join their classmates by monitoring discussions, helping them with technology to learn from/ with and finding a way to show what they learned together in that time slot. We will have three time slots available with 5 learning opportunities for each time slot.  The learners at an Edcamp can choose to lead sessions on those things that matter, with an expectation that the people in the room will work together to build understanding by sharing their own knowledge and questions.

 Please bring your devices that will assist with technology that day. We will have ipads available as well.  Thank you for taking the time to come in! Please fill out the form below.

Name of person coming:
Student I am related to:
Technology I can bring:
Please let us know BEFORE Christmas break! Thank you for taking the time to join us!

So I waited. I waited and I waited for parents to let me know that they were able to help. I got one slip back. I was feeling kind of squashed...but patience pays off I learned and I am trying not to let my feelings or emotions be the I waited some more. Just after the New Year, I got other emails that said, yes, I could come. As I type this, I am going to send out one more Remind101  note and see if I can pull one more!

Then I sat down with the children today, January 9th and explained the day to them, invited them to bring devices that they had at home if they wanted to and we created a list of ideas and I allowed time for the students to sign up for the learning experience that they wanted.

The plan is to do this again in the spring, but not exactly as an edcamp, but still involve the parents. What we will do in the spring before school is out is allow the teams to pick one topic and then SHOW and demonstrate what they know about it in anyway that they would like to show us all. This will involve some planning time between January 10th #edcampfirstgrade, but we have TONS of time...this is important. I make time for things that are important! So, we will do this and frankly, I am really excited to see what the students in the group "How to be a dragon dancer" come up with!