Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Culturally Relevant Teaching

There is a great power of culturally responsive caring—“a value, an ethic, and a moral imperative that moves self-determination into social responsibility" when you realize  you matter and when you realize others matter just like you!

I matter and YOU COUNT! Everything about you is sacred because you  were created by the King of the Universe. Your design is perfect.

Here is the literacy element of Calendar Time
When a teacher demonstrates the power of caring and creates a culture of diversity in every way in the classroom, you have set up the students for success. When they come to your room knowing that they are accepted, they will feel comfortable enough to learn. It is important to incorporate this diversity in the classroom through discussions and through literature.

One of my favorite parts of the day when I taught first grade a few years ago was Calendar Time. We used the SMART Board for this. It took about 25 minutes to go through each of my slides. It was my favorite part of the day because I incorporated holistic teaching into every element. We talked about the date, the weather, current events, literature, math, telling time and celebrate birthdays and teeth falling out. It might seem to you to be just a simple thing but there is a lot of thought that went behind all the elements I put into calendar time to point out holidays and their special meanings, to point out current events using first grade language and to find the special parts of each child and celebrate them with them in 25 minutes.

I did this because it was a great gathering time and a great opportunity to tell each child how special they are. We even had one child a day, I call them our Friend of the Day to come and help us during calendar time.

In the beginning of a school year, I send this out to parents. I come back to this. Mattering. No matter what, mattering is the agenda.

Philosophy of Education:

YOU MATTER! You have a genius in you that is unique and special to you! I celebrate that! I will teach in a way that promotes growth through play and learning.

Mission Statement:

I as a professional educator recognize that each child is an one-in-a-million, never-seen-before individual, that all children are creative and that all children can succeed.

Therefore, I will respect the individual needs of children for whom I have the sacred honor of working with which includes but is not limited to the following: fostering a caring and creative environment as well as emphasizing the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child.

I believe that each child has a genius and a passion special to them. I also believe that passion with compassion creates world changers.

I believe that great things can accomplished through cooperation between school, community, parents, and students.

I believe you matter!