Sunday, April 27, 2014

#edcamptc Reflections

I love edcamps. I got hooked with edcamps when I first joined Twitter in March of 2013 and saw so many members of my PLN going to edcamps.  I was overjoyed to learn that there were edcamps in my very own state, Minnesota!

Since then, I have attended and participated in:

  • #edcampmn
  • #edcampmsp
  • #edcamphome
  • #edcampchicago
  • #edcamphome2.0
  • #edcampmagnet
  • #edcamptc

There is something addictive about edcamps and it is that addiction that calls us every time. It is pure organic learning at its finest.

See when you go to an edcamp, you can either host a session or be a learner in a session or a mix of both! Its up to you.  You help make the schedule. You help facilitate the learning. You vote with your feet and YOU decide what you want to know more about and let your feet take you to that room.

The general mantra of the experience is:

The smartest person in the room, is the room. The people who are supposed to be here are here & what we are supposed to learn about, we will learn.

Edcamps are a beautiful way to build on key ideas centered around collaboration as we learn together. Educators come together to discuss things that matter most to them. It is passion based learning at is best.

However, learning together is only one of the gifts you receive. The other big gift other than occasional edcamp swag, is the gift of friendship--authentic & real friendships. Often we have followed one another on Twitter for awhile, we have learned together, joked around together, celebrated our strengths together as well as worked on our weaknesses together.

Now, we gather together. So to all my edcamp junkies, and you know who you are, thank you. Learning with you is a gift that I never imagined. I am better because of you all and very, very thankful.

Here are some pics from #edcamps that I hold dear.