Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Let's Roll: Seeds for Learning

As I get ready to start up my blogging again ( I discovered I have not blogged since state testing in April of 2015 and took all summer off) this is what I am keeping in my mind and writing on my heart.

It is more important for teachers, students as well as families to focus on learning and the process of learning more than a grade.
In the season of sowing that the years of elementary are, be skillful farmers and gardeners. Know your soil, water it well and fertilize it with the correct things for that crop. Each student is a different seed that you are planting. They need different things, but collectively they need love, nurture, attention, and guidance on how to go from a little seed and push
through the ground, grow strong in the light, take in the nutrients and become the seed they were designed to be.

A focus on grades won't do that. A focus on learning will.

So, Let's Roll!
Third Grade: Ms.Horst ‪#‎LS125‬ (class hashtag)
Class song: Fight Song

Student motto: The change begins with me in grade three (‪#‎geniushour‬ theme)

Teacher motto: Growing Creative, Curious and Diverse Learners One Day At A Time.

Full of: SeeSaw, Read Theory, Front Row, the 40 book challenge (Book Whisperer), ‪#‎stu2stuchat‬, innovation, PBL, Osmo, drones, Makey Makey, Legos, makerspace stuff, giggles, you matter, hugs and high fives.

To result in: Learners who take ownership over their learning, love learning, believe in themselves, dream and grow as members of the community and the world...all coming back to creative, curious and diverse learners. That's all I want them to be.

Its going to be a great school year! Happy 2015-2016 everyone!