Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One Word 2016 #Yes

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For the past three years, because of a book I have documented my year's goal into one word. Not my school year, that is way to easy. In fact, it was not just about work, it was and is about life.

As October ended and November came closer, I tried to listen to my heart and feel the pulse of my own life. Then I would end up by my birthday in December wondering if my heart is listening closely enough. I would seek inspiration. Inspiration which comes from many places, from friends, Twitter, my church, books, conferences, things that went well and then the epic fails throughout the year. Sometimes it is hard to wait for what the One Word will be, but waiting is what you are supposed to do.

  • Twiddle thumbs
  • Look at clouds 
  • Daydream in cars
  • Stare at coffee
  • Sing songs
  • Read books
  • Laugh
  • Pray

Just when you think that you are not listening to your heart, the word that is going to shape your next year is whispered. With a strain, you ask for it to be repeated, perhaps just a bit louder this time but it is not louder. It is whispered with a power so strongly that you know that this is your word. Now, what does it mean?

Back tracking to 2014 my One Word was #bebrave. (I know, it is two words but I used a hashtag right?) If I think about it, what was I brave doing? Going back for my masters finally. Stepping into the wide world of social media, reading books just for fun and learning for the sake of learning! Jumping to 2015, my One Word was #Northstar (again, I know it is two and again, thank you hashtag system). To me that meant becoming more aware of the three bandits: too many activities, CAVE (Complain About Virtually Everything) people and materialism that  try to take me away from my true purpose, and trading it in for important chances, big dreams, direction, discernment, peace, joy, love and hope. I  focused on knowing what things, people or situations to pick up and what things to put down and to rid myself of things that do not matter. I backed off from over extending my time on social media and I do miss the crazy Twitter chats and Voxer groups that seemed to consume me, sometimes. I dabble, but don't participate nearly as much. I stopped doing activities and allowing energy zappers and CAVE people to have any power to make or break my day. I moved from a nice big house and consolidated it to one half the size and gave away so many things that I knew could bless others, but I no longer needed. I focused so well this year that I graduated with my masters from Bethel University in July and walked in December 2015.

In my season of waiting for some type of bolt of lightening, clouds to part and angels to descend to tap me on the shoulder I went to #ties15. Before I went, I knew that Brad Waid was going to be there for presentations as well as George Couros  and I was excited. Who wouldn't be.

Now, I am not saying that Brad and George are angels sent to Earth in human form to speak supernaturally to human hearts, but they are close and that is good enough. As George spoke, I felt a flutter. In my last session with Brad, I heard the whisper. Really, it is like a whisper. A nudge, a flutter of angel wings, a sudden gasp in your lungs when you know that you know and that is all that you know.

The whisper said YES and that is all I know. So that is my One Word 2016 #Yes (oh look, one word!). What will I say yes to? Adventure? Love? Life? Cheesecake? Presenting more at education conferences? Maybe I don't need to know my YES right now..I just enjoy life, love, laughter, trust God and find out. So from the breath in me to the breath in you, what is your One Word?

Whatever it is, may it be your foundation for this year ahead with all the joys, pain, highs and lows that come with it.



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